113 pounds down!

Hey everyone! Not really much to report these days. Almost 6 months from the day I had surgery. April 10th was the day. But really, I consider my 6 months, 24 weeks since starting opti, which was September 11th. Anyway…

Today I weighed 233.1. Down 113.4 pounds! I would recommend this surgery to anyone. It takes work. It’s not a magic solution. But it gives exhausted obese people a bit of a kick start and a fighting chance. I got my first email from a blogger friend who after seeing my journey and after thinking about it for years, has decided to make an appt with a doctor. It brought me back to when I was emailing people who had surgery about what it was really like.

Gross picture alert. This is a picture of the portion of the stomach that they remove. Isn’t it gross, and cool at the same time?!

1378975_632679463421925_1941859370_n This is a picture of the portion of the stomach that they remove. Isn’t it gross, and cool at the same time?

I was thinking about the binge eating class I did. I am so glad for that class. I didn’t consider myself a major success story, but did gain so much insight into my behaviors AND that was where the surgery bug was planted. I am grateful. Grateful that it is all over with, and with no complications (knock on wood). I’m grateful that I’m down 113 pounds.

My goal is to get to 199, which would be a loss of 147 pounds (WOAH). My ultimate goal will be around 155-170. I can’t imagine ever saying, I’ve lost 176 or 191 pounds. Sounds insane. What is more insane is I had that much to lose.

Anyway I know as time goes on, weight loss becomes harder, so I don’t know what is going to happen. I just really hope it keeps going until I get to my goal.

Here’s another progress pic.



Left: 346, middle 251, right 233. (Gunther photobomb-lol). The jeans on the right are 2 sizes smaller. :)

Ok, well, I guess that’s all I have for now. Until next time!

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