2018 – Eating & Weight Gain

Look who it is?! Me. I just thought this morning, that I would post an update. Mostly about my eating/weight. I was 221 this morning. No matter what I do, I keep going up. It’s probably my fault now, but man…

I have went a different way and TRIED to do it the way dieticians with eating disorder experience suggest. Planned, mindful eating. For the first time in over 5 years I’m not logging my food. My dietician directed me to a cool tracking app for people with ED. It has no calories in it. All of a sudden I felt that there was no reward maybe. As well, the dietician I am working with, isn’t very responsive on email, so I had asked her a question if it was bad I wasn’t logging and she didn’t respond. So I just stopped.

I also went to a naturopath who suggested an inflammation eating plan. It’s all so confusing and scary. I think I have to just jump in even thought I’m scared to death. I must be able to put aspects of everything I’ve explored into a eating plan that works for me. UGH!

What else is new? I’m 41 now. Got a big promotion at work. Gunther is almost 11, and is up sometimes a few times at night, so my sleep quality is ridiculous. I probably get 5 interrupted hours a night. He’s starting to break down as he’s getting older which is expected,

So, I’m still here, just living life. Nothing fancy.

One thought on “2018 – Eating & Weight Gain

  1. The lack of good sleep probably is a big factor in your weight too! I’ve found that if I don’t watch food, exercise, sleep and take my thyroid meds- any of those four out of wack will explain a gain.

    Just keep trying anything to get back down to where you were comfortable! Better trying to lose 20 lbs then to ignore it and trying to lose 100 again- I know I’ve been there. Was excited to see your blog post this morning :)

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