4 Month VSG Update

16 weeks post op now, and down 86 pounds. Yay! (well really, 18 weeks counting opti)progress2You know what’s weird about me? I feel all super skinny, which I know I’m not. I’m still 260 pounds, but until I look at a picture, like the one above, I see just how far I have to go. When I’m walking around, I don’t feel like that.

Anyway, it’s kind of reverse as to what a lot of females go through, so I’m happy with it. When I first wore these jeans (size 24) and top (2x) to work,  a lot of girls commented on my weight loss. I have lost 2 pant sizes and about 2-3 shirt sizes. Amazing, I think so! 1003716_10153051580555133_2080399340_n

I started my new job last Monday. It went well. I am logging about 40-60 minutes of walking a day, burning about 700 calories (so my jawbone UP says). It’s great. I need that. Plus about 4 flights of stairs and at work, I am on the second floor, and don’t take the elevator. I took the above picture that morning. Had a great hair day, if I do say so myself! :)

I am starting to lose my hair though. For those who don’t know, it’s a side effect of the surgery. Rapid weight loss I imagine. I have really thick hair so I’m hoping it’s not going to be noticeable, but my brush and my floor and shower notice it, that’s for sure. My hairdresser also noticed it as well as she was brushing through my hair. It will grow back and become stronger. So far, I’m not concerned (so far!).

I have been noticing lots of head rushes when getting up from a kneeling position and a bit of vertigo. Who knows why. Rapid weight loss, vitamin deficiency? I just picked up some iron supplements to start taking (I’m about a month late from that request).

Not sure how I am going to incorporate strength training. Now with my 4h commute daily, there is little time. If I couldn’t find the time before, come on.. how am I going to now!

Someone requested I write about my food and what I am eating daily. I think next time I will. I log on myfitnesspal, so it will be easy to post some screen shots of my days.

I had a great 4 day long weekend. Caught up on all my missed new job sleep.

Back to the grind tomorrow!

PS, click here if you want to see the progress pics and weekly stats from the start!

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