75 pound update!


I am so happy to say, not only am I down 75 pounds, but had a good loss this morning and am almost at 78! I am so glad I went ahead with this surgery. It is so nice to be down this weight in just under 4 months.

Where has the time gone. How has almost a month went by since my last post. Everything has been going well. I had my 3 month follow up last week. They really don’t tell you too much there. I am being a little lax on my vitamins, water intake, and protein intake so I need to pay more attention to those things. Which I know, but hey…

Exercise is still slow. I went on an 1hr walk with my friend Kristy today. That was good. Not getting up and exercising on my own very much. I really have no excuse. There is always time.

My back is still quite a problem. It always hurts. To the point, that if I do something one day I know I am going to pay for it the next. It still hurts from my walk this morning, but it is better. At least I can walk an hour.

I started at size 28. I am still about a 24/26 depending on the clothes. Whatever, I’m happy!

I really don’t have a ton to say right now, but a few people have wondered where I have been, so I did need to do an update. I just get in blogging funks… Sometimes I blog 2x in a week, and then nothing for 3 weeks. Sorry!

All is well!

4 thoughts on “75 pound update!

  1. Jackie I am so so happy for you. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. I totally understand how difficult it is to motivate yourself to exercise. I can’t imagine going for a one hour walk today IN THIS HEAT. I have barely stepped out of my nice cool place for TWO DAYS…….cannot handle it. Anyway you are looking well and happy and that is wonderful to see. A lot of great stuff is happening for you right now and I am so glad for you. xoxoxo

  2. Proud and jealous of you! I am so curious as to what you have been eating now that you’ve had surgery. That would be a great post if you could tell us your meals from directly after surgery till now. Like what do you eat for an entire day?

  3. i can see the difference in your face. once you keep coming down i am sure the back pain will stop….
    keep on kicking ass!

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