Almost there!

OMFG. I am .9 away from my goal weight. My goal weight from 8 years ago! Today I weighed in at 155.9. I am a normal BMI! It’s so exciting, and truthfully a little scary. I feel a tremendous pressure to maintain. I have never in my life been able to be in maintenance. I don’t know how to do this! but really I do. I have learned along the way all these years what to do.

Clothes shopping is fun again. I put on clothes, and stand there in awe. Is that me? I bought size 10 jeans, and get medium shirts. Insane. I have lost 190 pounds! One Hundred and Ninety pounds. WHAT?! These things don’t happen to me. They happen to other people, who are far more committed than I am.

I have far exceeded what I thought might happen, and I’m so grateful. So grateful to of gotten this tool. I feel like I now have a fighting chance to keep it off. I don’t really think my eating will change that much when I hit maintenance. I guess I will just eat a little bit more. I asked a forum, what tips they may have for maintenance.

The biggest tip was to weigh yourself daily. “You do not gain 20 pounds overnight, but you do gain one pound at a time and if you don’t deal with it, it multiplies quickly”

These are the tips from one of the veterans:

Some random advice in no particular order….

1) Keep a weight goal range and never go over it.  Let the high end of your range always trigger a specific weight loss program.

2) Keep exercising or moving as studies show that exercise is more important for maintenance than even weight loss.

3) Drink before you feel thirsty

4) Continue to not drink your calories (as often as possible, I slip on this one quite a bit).

5) Get in the habit/stay in the habit or eating lean dense protein first at every meal.

6) Eat your veggies for snacks and go to town on green leafy things.

7) Don’t let fat scare you, you can use a little healthy fat

8) Stop or never start grazing as this is the one worst thing you can do in maintenance

9) Surround yourself with healthy people that are living a healthy lifestyle


WOW, I LOVE #10. Love Love Love.

I’m excited to move to this next phase. Not overly excited, because really, not much is going to change. But it feels great to get close to a goal.

A few pics, because I love pics now!

I put on my before jeans for the first time since surgery. Was I shocked!

10172785_10154056759230133_8296829728202599927_n 10322546_10154056759445133_7384262119257317276_n 10325746_10154056759535133_3492047765733219479_n

It’s always been a dream of mine to fit into one leg of my jeans!

And a before pic (with my nephew):

537415_10151306718646533_764999074_nI got a new haircut! Bangs and caramel highlights. (with kyleigh at her communion)


So, I guess that’s about it for now!

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  1. WOW!!! Jackie you look amazing!!! Great on you for taking control of your life!! I have not been that impressed by someone in a long time!! BRAVO!!!

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