This week has been kind of a blur. I had a great weekend despite the fact Gunther got sick. It was probably great because I was home. No working or really going out. This week seems crazy. Monday night there was WW, Tuesday night I had Binge Class, Wednesday night and tonight I worked at the PT job and I have plans all weekend too. I feel so bad leaving Marc alone with Gunther this much. I told him sorry, I know it’s a pain to leave you to take care of him, and he said, no it’s not a pain, he’s my buddy. Awww. Love. Made me so happy. We just adore him. Needles to say I rely on my phone during times like these to stay in touch. I was looking into getting iphone 4 insurance, JUST because it is my lifeline. I know it’s expensive to fix if anything happens, I don’t want to think about where I’m getting that money, like the 1,000$ we spent on vets this weekend! Yes, I said it. $1,000. I will explain…

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