Certified Mommy

Well, I am officially a mom. Gunther threw up on me this morning. He had just eaten, with food in his treat ball and some in his bowl. He was sitting next to me, and chewing on his ultra sturdy clothes hanger, and he started to make noises and he threw up all over my nightgown. Now, I think he may of been gagging on the hanger, but I’m not sure. We don’t let him have that while he is alone, we always are with him when he chews on it. Unfortunately, if it makes him calm, we let him have it, which is not good, I know.

Work is a little slow for me today. I am getting a computer memory upgrade, so there is some down time. Other than that, same old. Even though it was so cold yesterday, I took Gunther out for a walk last night. Only about 20 minutes.

I don’t know why, but I have been skipping the gym, all week. I really don’t know why. Hopefully next week will be better. Back to the same old story. I can’t eat well and exercise consistently at the same time.

Okay, well going to feed Gunther soon. I may go to Wendy’s for lunch today to get chili! Yum.