The Marilyn Denis show!

Something exciting is going on!

I was chosen to be on the Marilyn Denis show in Toronto! The topic of the show is Extreme Weight Loss! I will be there along with 2 other woman. They came to my house the other day for 2 hours, to do a little shoot, which will result in a 1.5 minute clip of my story. I did a little interview, and they filmed me in the kitchen, walking Gunther, putting on makeup, and drinking tea while looking at a photo album.

I’ve known for a few weeks, and at first I felt really weird. I didn’t know if I wanted to tell many people. My guest, Mavis, my college roommate and co worker is coming, and I know she will be posting pictures on facebook, etc, and everyone at work is going to find out, so I let the cat out of the bag to them as well! Now that people know, and they came for the shoot, I’m feeling a bit more comfortable.

Yesterday, I went to the studio, to be fitted for my outfit! We are getting a makeover as well. :) I’m not sure yet, what that will entail exactly, but it is sure to be a fun day!

So, it is shot live April 1st. I think the link will be on the internet the next day, and I’ll post it, but if you live in Canada, you can catch it on CTV at 10am.

Cool, right?!

Here are some pics of the shoot!
image (1) image image (2) image (3)So, I’ll see ya on TV April 1st!