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Feeling so down about my weight… I’m overweight again… WAHHH. I know, I know, BMI means nothing. But I LOVED that I was normal. Unfortunately this feeds into my craving of food.

I approached the director of my Binge Eating Program who suggested getting referred back into the program to get help with stabilizing my eating. I think I should make an apt. regardless with the social worker at the clinic.

It’s so distressing. I just don’t know what I should be doing? Focusing on losing the 15-20 pounds or accepting it and maintaining.

I think I need to do some Fall shopping as my clothes from last fall are uncomfortable…but I feel bad.

I really thought I had it more together than this. But I am trying hard not to freak out, and go binge on high fattening sweets. I try to limit my “treats” to lower cal/lower fat stuff. Still counting calories every day.

I found myself doing the liquid diets and “dieting”. All things that led me to weight loss surgery in the first place. So maybe it’s better to cut my losses and just accept it.

I still feel fine with the weight I am. I’m 160! Maybe not an 8 anymore. Maybe a 10. That’s ok.

Just so many thoughts running through my head.

7 thoughts on “Current thoughts

  1. It is so easy to fall back into old ways – but you have done soooo well! You’re not binging like the old Jackie would so I would say get a referral to start talking especially before you fall back into those old ways.

    I know how easy it is so to say yes to food :(

  2. Just a thought but have you considered joining a fitness club or hiring a personal trainer to get your mind off food and on to something new? If anything it will boost your metabolism and burn any extra calories you’re taking in.

    • Hey Kris!

      Not really.. mostly because I don’t really have the time. I could always FIND the time, but I think deep down, it’s really not important enough!

  3. I can’t give you a WLS perspective but I can say, as someone who weighs 300 lbs: You have come so far! So far! You need to give yourself more credit. Whether you decide to stay where you are at weight-wise or not, I wish you good luck.

  4. I feel like I’ve been following you FOREVER and mirroring your experiences. Losing weight and feeling fantastic! Gaining it all back and feeling out of control. Deciding that surgery was my only hope. Finally had surgery 5 weeks ago and your honesty about the struggle is just what I need to hear. I’m clearly in the honeymoon right now. I’ve been losing slowly, but I’m ok with that. I was in therapy for 18 months before surgery and feel like I have a handle on my binge tendancies… but I guess we can never get too confident.

    You’re doing great! Yes, it’s hard to feel like you’re missing out… but isn’t it harder to go back to where you (we) were? If your clothes aren’t fitting well, maybe try buying a few things that do and that make you feel as beautiful as you are. And if you can get in to see the social worker at the clinic, I think that’s a great idea! There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. And remember, you’re never alone in this!!

  5. 1. Jog for 20 minutes twice a week and start doing strength training another two days and let me know if the scale stops moving up.

    Make sure u rest
    The diet is fine…..its the exercise that needs to step up a notch.

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