Damage Control Payoff

My damage control payed off. I was down 1 pound. I am very close to losing my first 10 pounds. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Today I said, “If I get there.” She stops me and says “When you get there”, and made me repeat it. She says if you believe it, it will happen, meaning, if I think negative, only negative will come through.

When I lose 10pds, I will weigh 234, instead of 244. As you all know, it feels really good to  write that. After that 224, 214, 204, 194. That takes me to about July, and just thinking about the summer at a weight I am happy with, makes me feel SOOOOOO happy, even if it is 200 pounds!!

I’m going to buy some chocolate covered strawberries from Rocky Mountain for a little V-day celebration. I’m only going to buy 4. 2 for each of us. I should buy Gunther something. lol He was 32 pounds the other day when I weighed him. He eats like a champ. Pic below for a bit of Gunther Love!

Well, I should be getting back to work now.


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