Once again, I was up like 3 times all night tending to my fussy puppy. I was supposed to go to the gym, but when 5am rolled around, I was just sleeping nice and didn’t go. I told Marc he could take my car to work and to make sure I go to the gym Sat. or Sun. We are supposed to get ANOTHER friggin snowstorm tonight, so that will probably put a dent into our weekend plans.

I’m so tired. Just sitting here at work. My scale at home this morning was 235.9. It’s been months since I’ve seen that number. I need to grocery shop tonight. It is helping there are no snacks to eat at home. lol

OK, still tired. Eyes closing. At least it’s a payday today. Goodnight, I mean Good Morning.

One thought on “Exhausted

  1. wow..it is just amazing how you are able to lose weight soo quickly…amazing….is it working out every day along with eating clean that allows you to lose that fast? it takes me a good month to lose 2 pounds and keep it off… took me a whole 8 monhts to lose 15lbs….wow!! what is the secret. I have PCOS as well.

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