Missing in Action!

I guess it’s pretty bad, when my phone notified me that I should write on my blog huh? Yeah, Kinda.

Don’t really know where I have been. Busy working. You wouldn’t think so, but it keeps me much busier. Maybe I have more to do at work. I commute 4h a day now. I also signed on as a Jamberry consultant, so I am very busy with that right now.

I think this happens to a lot of bloggers. There’s really not a ton of things to say, so that may be the lack of writing. I don’t feel so deep in despair as I did pre-surgery, so the need to write is not on my mind as much.

So, some surgery updates. I weigh 218.9. That is 127.6 pounds down. I really want to keep losing. I REALLY want to make it to onederland. 19 more pounds. And then I would love to be 155-170.

I went shopping on the weekend. Bought size 18 plus jeans and a regular XL-XXL top. I tried on some old navy jeans, but they just didn’t fit right. Too tight in the legs. The 18 plus fit perfectly, so I guess I am still into plus, which is okay with me.

I wore to work today my XL winter coat from 3 years ago, so that is exciting!

Another surgery update is that I have developed gallstones. I had a bad attack a few weeks ago, and a few mini ones. I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and he thinks it’s best to remove it. He said the pain won’t go away. So, I am just waiting for a call for a surgery date. It’s day surgery and I’ll be home that night, and will probably only take a few days off work, so not so bad. I hope at least it’s good for a few pounds!

Here are some progress pics of where I am now:20131108-134331.jpg


Thanks for sticking around, even though my posts are so infrequent!

10 thoughts on “Missing in Action!

  1. Hey Jackie, you look great! I had my gallbladder out in 2011 after developing issues during my first pregnancy. It was no big deal, very minimal recovery time and I was SO relieved to be free of the attacks! The attacks were worse than the recovery from the gallbladder removal AND the recovery from my c-sections. Good luck! Glad to see you’re doing well. :)

    • Thanks Racheal! I’m lucky so far, I’ve just had one bad attack and it was awful! Lasted 3 hours. But I am scared to eat, because I don’t want it to happen again!

  2. You look so awesome! Keep up the great work. I’ve been having chest/abdominal pains, but gallbladder was ruled out. Docs aren’t sure what’s causing it, so I feel your pain. It sucks. Thanks for the update. :)

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