My regain

My current concern, which I have spoken about before. My regain. What to do about it, if anything. I belong to a really great Facebook forum and website, and they have the same no nonsense don’t lie to yourself approach that I like to follow. They cater to mainly losing that regain that so many of us suffer from. Below is a thread that I posted and the comments. It really got me thinking, mainly the convo with Amy.

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So.. what to do, what to do. Suck it up and just attack 10-15 pounds, or just continue on trying to lose a few pounds which IS NOT happening. It could get so much worse in the future even though I DON’T INTEND it to. That has to be the answer. People have mentioned exercise before. For me, it’s not in the cards. I don’t really have the time. I could add the time, but don’t really want to, to be honest.

5 pounds has become 10. And that has become 15. Probably time to seriously pull up my socks.

4 thoughts on “My regain

  1. Hey Jackie! I think you need to pull up your socks and work on those 10-15lbs. I hate dieting too, but It appears the weight is creeping back up and your “it is only 5lbs”, “it is only 10lbs”, etc…keeps increasing. I know you have OCD, and therefore you will always fret at the numbers but I think this continuous fret and sad feelings towards your gain, mean you need to tackle it as soon as possible.

    You got this!

  2. Hi Jackie! I remember my surgeon telling me diet and excersise in combination are the only ways to curb the regain….right now I have ZERO time to excersise. I’ve done the 6am workouts and quite honestly I dreaded going but loved how i felt afterwards. My goal weight is 155 and I am currently at 163. I know if i added activity back in I could get there but my schedule right now doesnt allow for it. Therefore Im stuck in the same position…suck it up and fit it in just to see that number on the scale or accept my current number and love myself 7 pounds over my desired weight and reslish in the fact that I’ve come so far.

  3. You know exercise meant to me to go to the gym for couple of hours a day, at least five days a week! Than someone told me to define exercise for what works for me and my lifestyle.

    If I may make a suggestion, exercise for you could mean to make sure you are the one walking Gunther morning and night. And once the weather got better, you might like to add more time to your walks.

    You are doing great. Congratulations on keeping 180 pounds off. Also note that we always gain in the winter and lose in the summer. I tend to be in a better spirit when the days are longer and temperature is higher. Good luck.

  4. Gosh… I would love to be 160…here at 182 and can’t seem to get to my goal of 175….but u know what ..I refuse to kill myself…I am going to enjoy being fit and getting stronger and I am done obsessing about the stupid scale.

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