New Beginnings

Well, Monday I start a new beginning. A new job! I have been at my current place for close to 5 years. Once day an opportunity came through my Facebook feed from a college friend of mine. I took the chance and did up my resume (it had been 5 years). Sent it through, and I got called for an interview a few weeks later. According to my friend, I impressed. I then went back again for a sample computer test. That went well, and I received an informal offer. Then there was a background check. After I passed that, I received the formal offer!

Yay, I am pretty excited. I will be working at a very successful advertising agency. The job is in Toronto, so I will now be a commuter, driving to the train station, taking the train, and then walking to the office x2. It is going to be an adjustment for sure, as it will lengthen my commute by about 1hr15 min each way. It will also add about 45m-1h of exercise to my non existent exercise schedule, so I hope that equals in more pounds and inches lost!

Speaking of which, as of today I am down 82.2 pounds! YES! i really haven’t checked my inches much, but I did measure my waist the other day, and I think I was down at least 7 inches there. Fitting pretty comfortable into a size 24/3x right now. Not noticing a huge difference in my energy, but just walking feels pretty normal, as opposed to pre surgery, it was just hard.

I started this journey 17 weeks ago. My goal is to be down 100 lbs by 6 months. I guess that would be September 25th. That would be a loss of 2.5 per week. I will continue to eat well, and now with more exercise, it might be possible. Regardless I am on my way. My exercise is to be improved, but I am happy with my eating. Sure, sometimes I eat just to eat, but I work on it and try to identify my feels and keep busy.

I would of been so scared to interview pre surgery. What will they think of me, and mostly, will they think I’m too fat? Too ugly? It turns out I impressed. Very happy about that.

Very happy about this new opportunity!

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  1. What an exciting time for you! Wishing you the best of luck with your new endeavor and with your continued losses. Go Jackie!

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