The Gym

I have a little gym in my condo. I pay almost 50$ a month to go to my womens only gym that I have been with for over a year. Marc always tells me to give it up and just use the condo gym. I try to tell him that I like my gym.  I have gotten into such a routine going there. I feel comfortable there. I like the shower area, it looks spa-like. They have really beautiful bathroom vanities where I do my hair and put my make-up on. There’s a hot tub which I’ve only used once, but the best thing is the sauna. Right after showering, I go in there. It’s SO nice.

When I joined, it was just opening, so everything was new and the decor is up-to-date. Sometimes I go to another location and it is much older, but honestly the shower area is gross. Doesn’t motivate you to keep coming back, and besides, getting ready for work with no puppy bugging you is wonderful!

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