Yummy donuts


Everyone has been raving about a new local bakery. They have a Nutella filled donut. Today I went with some coworkers to buy my husband some donuts. These sat next to me for the next two hours. Talk about a NSV. I really didn’t even want them. I hope this side of things stays forever. It’s more than being off carbs. I really don’t have the same “I need that” desire. Would it taste good? Sure.

Some think that these reduced cravings are from a different mindset. I really feel it’s surgery related. Maybe because I don’t want to leave that pressure in my own shoulders. When they remove your stomach, they also remove the ghrelin in it, which reduces the hormone in your body. So, I really don’t know why I’m having a sense of more control. Me or surgery.

Whatever it is, I hope it’s here for good.

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